“In order to be premier you must practice, develop and commit “.
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Optimal Grounds

“Kids must enjoy it; you choose to do things that you enjoy at any given chance.  A coach can help guide you but to practice and learn skills you have to have desire.  I always had a ball at my feet, I was always playing football”


- Ronaldo

“The one thing that always impressed me about top players is their ability to learn and Ronaldo was no exception. Lets think of how he played when he came to Man United.  He pretty much wanted his own ball but through conditioning in training we got him to use other assets,  play one touch, use the space in behind to utilise his pace better .  When i see him now things that he developed at Man United as a young lad , he has carried forward and taken ownership and pushed himself to a whole new level”

 - Mike Phelan

“What makes the difference between a great player and a normal player is dedication, hard work and commitment “

- Thierry Henry

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